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How-to-Build Treehouse Books

About the Authors

David Stiles, an industrial designer, and his wife Jeanie have written over twenty one (21) “do-it-yourself” books on building treehouses, huts, forts, playhouses, etc.

Some of their top-selling books are:

Authors David and Jeanie Stiles Forts for Kids *
Fun Projects for You and the Kids *
Tree Houses , Huts and Forts *
Playhouses You Can Build *
Treehouses You Can Build *
Kids Furniture *
Rustic Retreats *
Garden Retreats *
Sheds - A guide for backyard builders *
Cabins - a guide to building your own nature retreat *
Woodworking Simplified *

*These books are available at their website

Send Email to us or write us at: 161 East 91st Street, NYC, NY 10128.

Check out their TREEHOUSE TIP OF THE MONTH on this website.

How-to-Build Treehouse Books from Stiles Designs