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Treehouse Tips!
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Give Your Child the Memories

While some civilizations have used tree houses as dwellings, they are more often a place for children to have fun and get away from everything - including their parents. Playing in a tree house is an experience your kids will remember forever. Help your children build a tree house to share with friends or simply hang out when they want to be alone. Whether they head up into the tree house for the day or to spend the night, you'll be giving them the perfect hideaway. They will be able to create their own set of memories of this special place, just as you did when you were a kid.

Bring Movies and Games to Your Tree House

If you had a tree house when you were growing up, you probably didn't have anything up there but a few comic books and some boxes to sit on; however, today's kids often demand a little more from their tree house experience. If you look in backyards across America, you may not see as many tree houses as you once did. Social media, xbox, online chat, and email are a fact of modern life, and many of today's kids would rather stay indoors in front of the computer, TV or video console. Often the best answer to all the electronic distractions is just to embrace them.

Connecting your tree house to the electricity in your house, or using a strong wireless signal, will help get your kids outside more often - you can install a television and video game system so they can enjoy the fresh air and still play their favorite games. If you are a DirecTV subscriber, you can use their app to can gain access to all of the same channels via a laptop or iPad. Signing up for DirecTV only takes a few minutes and can be done via sites such as which offer unique deals to first-time subscribers.

Get your kids to use a hashtag such as "#familytreehouse" when tweeting or interacting via social media up in their new hangout. If you are a gaming family, you could have a tournament in which family members in different rooms play against each other and the winner gets to play from the tree house. There are lots of ways to incorporate the electronic world into a tree house. Get creative!