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How-to-Build Treehouse Books

Treehouse Tips!
Treehouse Tips!
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Treehouse Special
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Treehouses & Playhouses shows the average homeowner how to build an inexpensive playhouse or fort on the ground, or a treehouse up in the sky. Half of the book includes brand new construction tips and plans, describing how to build a treehouse. The other half includes detailed plans and illustrations for several different types of playhouses, including a pirate ship!
Tree Houses You Can Actually Build describes how to build four treehouses using one, two, three or four trees (or two trees and two posts). Each treehouse design contains step-by-step illustrated instructions and helpful construction tips for the first time builder. The book also contains a section of full-color photographs of treehouse projects.
Treehouses, Huts and Forts is filled with fun projects for kids and their parents to build in their backyard. It contains plans for building three new treehouse designs, including an "Easy-to-Build Tree House" that can be built in one weekend. It also includes designs for building huts, forts, snow projects and accessories such as treasure chests and catapult.
Additional subjects covered include:
Lumber Tips
Secret Glue
Zip Lines
Pulley And Basket
Tree Expansion And Movement
Flexible Connections
Attaching Beams
The Hobbit Treehouse (cover photo)
Treeless Treehouse
Victorian Playhouse
Additional subjects covered include:
Where to Build
Finding Lumber
Rope Bridge
Emergency Escape Hatch
Trolleys, Pulleys, & Swings
Railings and Steps
Ropes & Ladders
Tree Movement
Additional subjects covered include:
Nailing, Drilling & Screwing
Tree Injury
Platform Framing
Beam Spans
Rope Lashings
Crow's Nest
Junk Hut
Lookout Tower
Sample pages from
Treehouses & Playhouses

Treehouses And Playhouses Treehouses And Playhouses

Treehouses And Playhouses Treehouses And Playhouses
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Sample pages from
Tree Houses You Can Actually Build

Tree Houses Tree Houses

Tree Houses Tree Houses
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Sample pages from
Treehouses, Huts and Forts

Huts and Forts Huts and Forts

Huts and Forts Huts and Forts
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Hobbit Treehouse
Hobbit Treehouse
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Moon Treehouse
Moon Treehouse
A-frame Treehouse
A-frame Treehouse


David Stiles:
Graduated from Pratt Institute with a degree in Industrial Design, taught architectural rendering at Pratt Institute, and has forty years experience designing and building treehouses. He was awarded best playground design by the NYC Planning Commission. His treehouse design was featured in Architectural Digest, June 2007.
Architectural Digest - Among the Branches

David and Jeanie Stiles:
Have written 23 books on DIY construction, including five books on treehouses. They have appeared on numerous TV shows including the NBC Today Show and Discovery Channel, building treehouses.

David and Jeanie Stiles - Writers & Designers
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